'imi ana no ka 'ikena ma loko 



Transformation that Comes from Within: A Somatic Approach

Somatics is an approach to transformation through the body, calling in all of the sensations, breathing and holding patterns, emotions, and narratives.  In the work of Somatics, we learn to identify and name these bodily experiences.  We re-learn to trust the wisdom that comes through this awareness, and to pay attention to what it is asking from us. We start to discover longings and needs that could have been quieted or suppressed for years, or decades or lifetimes.  And we begin to intentionally move toward those longings, seeing how our patterns limit us, and embodying a new way of moving through the world. 



Transformation through the Body

Our coaching work together centers around a Commitment.  This could be something that's been calling you for a while, something that wants to heal, or something you want to change. We start by developing language and skill at tuning in and centering inside of your body.  And then we identify what shifts you will need to make in order to make good on your Commitment.  Together, we will find the best practices that support your transformation.  And as you continue to practice your new moves, they will become easier until you've embodied your Commitment.


Supportive Touch toward Transformation

Somatic bodywork is a gentle, hands-on approach to transformation work.  Together, we identify holding patterns and contractions inside the body that are limiting your ability to embody your Commitment.  We use touch, movement, breathing patterns, and inquiry to support the release of these contractions and the space that allows for new range of motion.



ICF ACC Coach & Bodyworker 
Kanaka Maoli | MixedBIPOC | She/Her

Aloha and welcome.  Mahalo for visiting and glad to be connected with you.  My name is Anela, often called Becca.  I am a first-generation mainland-born Hawaiian, with 'ohana on Maui, O'ahu, and Big Island.  I was born with a deep longing for my 'aina and community, despite my displaced rural California upbringing.  And while it was clear where I was from, I spent decades in the question of my worthiness to belong there.

I came to Somatics later in life, after spending my career on the mainland learning to compartmentalize and code switch.  By then, I had reached 'success' as defined by Western standards. But I was moving through the world heartsick, wounded, and armored.  And I was increasingly frustrated and damaged by the friction of navigating leadership across race, class, and gender. 

Somatics taught me to reconnect with my center, the intersection of dignity, wisdom and interconnectedness.  Through practice, I learned to honor and listen to the signals my body was sending.  My 5 years of practicing Somatics has brought me healing, resilience and a stitching together of my once fragmented identity.  Somatics taught me to show up authentically, to speak my truth, to set boundaries, and to stay open, present, and connected across difference. 

And it offered me the opportunity to help others along their paths toward transformation.  Today, I help folks committed to changing their lives from the inside out.  My clients are passionate about growth and ready to reconnect with themselves.  

My practice is located in Minneapolis, MN and I work with people in person and remotely.

In my personal time, I am a craftsman, dog lover, learner, dancer, and in a passionate, long-distance relationship with the Pacific Ocean.  

If you feel ready to take a step toward your transformation and longings, let's begin.  

a hui hou,






Resilience practice has been the single biggest resource in my own transformation work. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from or heal from struggle.  In my personal work, as well as my coaching, I rely heavily on resilience to prepare us for the hard days of growth and healing. 

I have several practices to strengthen this, but my favorite is working with ipu, or hard-shelled gourds.  Each one is a new move to express something from deep within my history, longing to be brought forth and shared in the present. Craftwork empowered me to trust my creative and cultural instincts, strengthening my connection with home. 

As you dive into your transformation, what are the practices that will best resource and support you as you begin to feel the stretch of growth? 


pigbull baby 🐽.jpg


I used to feel guilty about taking naps with this guy. I operated in a world of tight timelines, chronic stress, fatigue, overwork, and burnout. My need to be on-the-go was constantly activating my Sympathetic Nervous system, or 'fight or flight' response. What I didn't know is that in this state, my non-essential bodily functions like digestion and immunity were de-prioritized, keeping me on constant high alert for danger, but neglecting my overall wellness. 

And meanwhile, my Parasympathetic Nervous System was waiting to work it's healing magic. This part of the nervous system is responsible for repairing and rebalancing the body's internal functions.  When the Parasympathetic is activated, the heart rate slows, digestion increases, and muscles relax again. You can activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System in many ways: meditating, reading a book, working on art, and yes, napping. 

So, next time your dog invites you to snuggle on the couch, re-consider the guilt, and imagine kickstarting your Parasympathetic as you cozy up for a snooze.


I visited a vortex twice when I lived in Montana.  As I approached it both times, I got dizzy, and eventually motion sick.  It was hard to move in the swirling energy. But when I finally made it to the spot marked as the middle, it was quiet and calm.  I sat there for a long time, afraid to re-enter the swirling chaos that surrounded me.  In the center of this vortex, I could look around and see clearly. I knew I couldn't stay there forever, but I could re-balance, resource and make my plan to exit.

Center is a place of balance within us as well.  Located just below the navel, midway between your front and back body, your center aligns your length, width and depth.  In Hawaiian, we call the center the piko, representing the navel or source of life.  

To have access to your center is to give yourself a place of clarity and calm inside of the vortex.  It's to bring energy and attention to your deepest source of life.  And it is to call your body back into balance.

What becomes possible when we move through the world from a centered place?



There are few things I love as much as putting my feet in sand. 

I remember the sensation when my feet first make contact with the sand.  I feel the heat or cool stored just beneath the surface, the dampness, density, coarseness.  I feel the presence of rocks, shells, seaweed, and creatures.  And I can feel the quality of connection between the soles of my feet and the ground beneath me. 

In sand, there aren't parts of my feet that don't touch the ground.  Every corner of my footprint is fully supported by the 'aina, and sand created in the dance between the land and the sea. 

In this relationship, I learned what it meant to be connected, held and supported in my whole truth.  

Somatic awareness can begin with any experience, however big or small. Observing the sensations of a simple moment is a great place to start developing your somatic seeing.


Rates for Coaching (includes bodywork)

$125/55-minute session

**Sliding scale and barter is available on a limited basis and priority is given to POC clients.


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