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ACC & PCC Pathways to ICF Accreditation


If you are on the coaching path toward an ACC or PCC accreditation through ICF, welcome! I am happy to help support you along this step in your journey toward becoming an ICF accredited Coach. Depending on where you are in your process, you will have different requirements and may have your own unique needs for support from a Mentor Coach.  Take a look at the various pathways below to see what kind of support is best for you! 

I currently mentor coach candidates through the ICF-accredited Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching program as well as providing private Mentor Coaching to ACC and PCC Coach Candidates from other programs and coaching methods. Here are some of the deets to help you along your search:


  • PCC Certified Coach

  • Registered Mentor Coach through ICF (2022)

  • Completed 30-hour Mentoring in Action course through Presence in Action (2023)

  • Completed 6-months of Strozzi Institute Mentor Coach training (2022)

  • Completed ICF ACC Bar Assessors Training (2023)

  • Not an ICF employee or Assessor

ACC - Attended Level 1 Training

You are required to meet the 60-hour ICF-accredited/recognized training hour requirements for the ACC certification. This can be through an ACSTH/ACTP Level 1/2 ICF Coach training program. In addition, all ACC applicants are required to have 10 hours of mentor coaching, which may or may not have been provided through your coaching program. Mentor coaching can help you identify areas of growth and prepare for your ACC application!

ACC/PCC - Attended Level 2 Training

If youʻve already attended an ACTP course that had mentor coaching included, you have already fulfilled your 10 required hours.  You can seek mentor coaching to further support your development in areas of your coaching, to grow confidence, and to hone skills in your craft. 

Group Mentor Coaching

Do you have a practice group or team of (up to 10) coaches working toward your accreditation? 7 of your 10 hours can be done in group mentor coaching. Together, we can craft a package that allows you to practice coaching, dive more deeply into core competencies and earn mentor coaching hours.

PCC - Attended Level 1 Training

PCC applicants are required to have 125 hours of ICF-accredited training through one or more ACSTH/ACTP Level 1/2 ICF, or ICF-recognized programs. PCC applicants must also have 10 hours of mentor coaching, which may or may not have been provided through your coaching program. Mentor coaching can help identify which competencies and markers you want to focus on for your growth and in preparation for your PCC application.

Non-ICF Training Portfolio Path

For coaches who trained in other programs and are now seeking an ICF certification, you will need 10 hours of mentor coaching as part of your application for your ACC. Youʻll also need 60-hours of ICF recognized training credits, which can be achieved through various trainings in community and through the ICF Learning Portal. 

ACC Renewal

In each renewal cycle, an ACC coach with 60 training hours is required to have 10 hours of additional mentor coaching over a 3 month period. You can use this to prepare for your PCC or to level up your current coaching craft! 


Fees for Mentor Coaching begin at $150/hour for Individual Coaching Sessions. Video evaluations and group coaching have additional fees. No packages necessary, book a discovery call to discuss more!

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