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coaching & somatics

de-mystifying change
What is Coaching? 
What is Somatics? 
What is Embodiment?

Coaching is an active process of change in which the Coach and Client work together to identify a new desired way of being, and then explore ways for the Client to practice toward embodiment. The Coach is there to listen actively, offer reflections, questions and practices that give the Client space to explore their own perspectives, obstacles and wisdom in a safe, objective space. 

Somatics is a field of work that explores the soma, or the person as a whole organism, complete with physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and spirit. A Somatic approach to transformation explores the current practices, patterns of behavior, beliefs, and contractions within the body, and supports movement and practices toward a new way of being.

Embodiment is a way of being that has been practiced with such frequency that it is naturally expressed, even under pressure. What we embody is a reflection of what we do repeatedly, consciously or unconsciously. So when we practice with intention, aligned with our longings, we can more consistently show up with choice.

Who is Somatic Coaching for?

Somatic Coaching can be a good fit for anyone who is trying to deepen their understanding of their body, to access or move toward their longings, or to heal what has been keeping them from the life they envision. 

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Finding the Right Coach

It can be overwhelming to search for a new Coach. The more clear you are about the work you want to do and how you want to be partnered with, the easier it will be for you to find someone who is a good match for you. 
Here are some questions you can consider and ask potential Coaches: ​

  • Do they have an initial chemistry meeting available for you to assess fit and scope together? 

  • What is their philosophy on coaching? 

  • How do they handle conflict and concerns as they arise in coaching? 

  • Who do and donʻt they work with? 

  • What do they care about?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you prepare for coaching:

  • What do I want to work on in coaching? 

  • What will that require from me in terms of time, resource, energy? 

  • Do I have good support outside of coaching? (i.e. therapist, bodyworker, mentor, family, friends, partner(s), support group)

  • What values are most important to me? 

  • How do I want to be challenged, held accountable, partnered with? 

  • What parts of my identity are important to be seen/understood by my provider? 

And while these questions can be good guideposts to finding the right person, I have found the ultimate measurement is how you feel about the fit. Finding a provider your soma trusts can allow your nervous system to settle and to deepen more quickly into the work.

As you do your search, ask all the questions, check in with yourself often, and most of all...  trust yourself, your intuition, and the process.

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