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At Reflection Pond at Makuu during Sunrise

ʻO Wai Au

a lil about me

aloha mai kākou~ Like many of you, Iʻm still very much on the long huakaʻi to learn who I truly am. I carry the features of both my grandmothers, and the ʻano of my mischievous but good-natured grandfather who lived his last years where I make my home today. I am a mother of two extraordinarily talented people, a dog mom, tita, friend, coach, mentor, and member of our Hawaiʻi & BIPOC communities.  I am a wanderer, seeker, builder, and space holder. My moʻolelo begins and ends beyond this page, but with everything I share, I do with the utmost appreciation and gratitude for what I am first... He Hawaiʻi au, mau a mau.

coachʻs notes

The Important Stuffs


do I coach?

Iʻm invested in personal transformation as a means to reclaim and liberate ourselves from the shaping, stories, and beliefs we carry. We all deserve to embody the versions of ourselves that we dream of and long for. Supporting one person in this journey, supports us all as a collective, toward liberation.


is my coaching approach?

A coaching relationship is a partnership that relies on trust and mutual participation. Clients have agency with what and how deep they choose to work. Together, we use tools and practices drawn from Somatics, Internal Family Systems, and various ways of knowing that we have access to within our lineages and tissues to uncover helpful information toward their desired outcomes. 


are my clients?

Theyʻre seekers, intuitives, thinkers, doers, explorers, changemakers, healers, creatives, and dreamers. Theyʻre trying to navigate belonging, trauma shaping, societal conditions. Theyʻre re-writing narratives, facing self-limiting beliefs, and braving to take new actions. Theyʻre part of a collective, committed to healing and self- discovery.


does it work?

Sometimes coaching starts with a pre-baked ʻbig ideaʻ. But most often, it just begins with a conversation. In having space to explore and get curious about ʻwhat isʻ, those deep longings tend to emerge quickly. From there, we set our intentions for our time together, and establish a pace of work that is manageable for the clientʻs overall wellbeing.


To learn more about coaching, visit my Coaching & Somatics page.

Standing in Ironwoods and Lauhala at Makuu
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Reflection in Pond at Makuu

session fees

$140/ 55-minute session 

*A sliding scale is available for folx from historically marginalized communities, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and those in financial need.  Please talk with me if you would like to discuss. 

kind  things  folks  say...

"Because of her coaching I was able to exit a field of work I had been in for over twenty years and manifest a life that aligned with my values and desires while still allowing me to ensure the financial livelihood of my family."

Sara Z E.


ready to connect?

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