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Image by Ronan Furuta

raised by wolves: 
An Experiment in Belonging,  Re-mothering + Cultivating Cultures of Care

Wednesday thru Sunday, November 13 - 17, 2024

Caspar, California

A retreat for Mixed/BIPOC/QTPOC caregivers to redefine mothering within self, 'ohana, and community

“ If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.”
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

Have you ever told someone you were raised by wolves?

Us, too. Our caregivers offered what they knew and what was available to them, and in many ways we had to raise ourselves... with mixed results. 


Today, we have never had so much access to healing and possibility…and we still hold the stories and trauma that shaped us.  Adapting to survive, we may still be holding what no longer serves us as we navigate raising our children, caring for ourselves and our community.  

In reality, wolves are highly social, family oriented, and interdependent. How can we reclaim this term and blend with our histories, have tools to caregive “from center” and build new ways of being/realities for ourselves and our communities?

. We can’t do this alone. Join us.  

Come Join Us...

for a 5-day retreat as we explore the shape and possibility of embodied mothering through somatic and land-based practices, story-telling, and collective care on the beautiful Mendocino coast. 

Explore self through somatic practice sessions, venture to and through the elements nearby, and access resource through belonging and shared activities like hiking, foraging, kayaking, tending fire, and sharing nourishing meals together.




We will be staying in the Farmhouse at the Jug Handle Farm, adjacent to Jug Handle Beach and Jug Handle Nature Preserve in Caspar, CA. Caspar is located just north of the town of Mendocino.

There are 5 private rooms available, one double occupancy shared room, and a dorm-style bunk room that accommodates six. The cost of the retreat is based on accommodations, to meet your individual need for space.

Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared. Click here for information on the Jug Handle Creek Farm.


Who We Are

Antonia Slagle_headshot .jpg

Antonia (she/her) is a mother, educator, storyteller and artist.  She believes cultivating Joy,  Self-expression and Interdependence are tools for disrupting systemic oppression.  She specializes in coaching fellow space holders  who know sharing their unique contribution with the world is both an act of personal transformation and collective liberation. 


Antonia is a mixed race (Puerto Rican, Irish, Western European) woman who’s been on a journey towards radical belonging since her childhood.  She is shaped through early mother loss, adoption and being raised as a body of culture in a white household. Finding home has been a lifelong practice. It brought her into parenting, education, community work and somatics.  She found in Somatics a language and practice for finding embodied

safety, dignity and belonging.

Antonia  lives on Nisenan and Miwok lands near the Sacramento and American River with her two youngest children, her partner, and their beloved pit bull Juno.  She spends her free time reading and boring people about change, loving her kin, making art, and deepening her relationship to land. 


Anela (she/her/ʻoia/they) is a Somatic, Transformation, and Leadership Coach and Mentor Coach. She is fiercely committed to creating a safe and loving container for exploring questions of identity, culture, race, relationship to place/home, and resiliency as a means of personal transformation and healing. 


Anela’s perspective has been shaped by her experience as a diasporic kanaka maoli, born and raised away from her home, culture, and into assimilation. Impacted by cultural isolation, her personal transformation included Somatics as a means to healing the cord that connected family to land and to one another. In 2022, she returned her family back home and lives full-time on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi, in the sunbelt of Keaau, Puna.

Anela is an indigenous, mom, dogmom, tita, community member, and friend. She is a novice paddler and aspiring waterman, a seeker, ambitious metaphor maker, co-creator of spaces that foster belonging for others, and a toward-shaped disrupter of systemic complacency and structural oppression. 

All the Things We Want to Know

Tentative Agenda

- Weds Day 1 -

We will arrive at the Farm, check in beginning at 3p. Here you can settle in, wander around, take in the environment. We will have some activities to connect and deepen with each other, and share a casual, light dinner together. Our opening circle will gather us around the fire.

- Thurs Day 2 -

Feel free to greet the morning sun with nourishing practices before breakfast. In the morning, we will share in our stories, explore center and dignity with the Redwoods and in the Pygmy forest. In the evening, we will head to town for a dinner out together, and back home to talk story at the Farmhouse.

- Fri Day 3 -

Listen to your body as you awaken, slowly joining the group for breakfast, taking part in the collective daily sunrise practice, or finding a quiet place for your own practice. We will meander to the water to explore making, holding, and being held within space. In the afternoon we will head out on a foraging trip and co-create a meal when we return. After dinner dance party... 

- Sat Day 4 -

What actions do you need to take to be in the world you desire? We will explore action, desire, extension before finding our way to the water. Weather and season depending, we will go on a kayaking or whale watching tour. Afterward, we will warm back up by heading to a spa for a soak. Dinner will be waiting for us when we arrive back at home. Our closing circle will be after dinner. 

- Sun Day 5 -

How do we take these connections and lessons forward? We will have one final session before breakfast, and then it will be time to pack and head home by noon. 

What's Included?

  • Lodging /Accommodations 

  • Nourishing meals

  • Excursion Fees

  • Transportation (to/from excursions)

What's NOT Included?

  • Travel to/from Mendocino

  • Somatic Bodywork and Coaching (available for an additional cost)



based on accommodation type

*Payments can be made all at once or split into increments 

  • $2400 - Private Room w/ Queen Bed

  • $2250 - Private Room w/Full Bed

  • $2000 - Shared Room w/2 Twin

  • $1600 - Shared Bunk Room w/6 Twin


FAQs & Thoughts

  • Who is this retreat for? Mothers who see themselves as possibility models for future generations, mothers who are seeking community to do deep lineage work. For this retreat we are prioritizing BIPOC, QTPOC, mixed, and/or adopted folks. 

  • Is transportation available? We may be traveling up from SFO and SMF. Please reach out if you are looking for travel support from either of these airports.

  • How many folks are you hosting?  This is an intimate gathering of no more than 12-14 people, including the facilitators.

  • Is there financial assistance available? We will offer one fully sponsored participant for this retreat. If you need financial assistance to attend, please share on the application and we will reach out. We also have payment plans available. 

  • What will be eating? Dietary restrictions will be considered. Upon registration, we will gather this information to create our menus.

  • So, do we just show up in November? We are committed to building belonging and community. To this end, we will begin connecting as a group as soon as you register.  This will allow us to deepen in with each other sooner and create our container together. 


Do you feel ready? 


Still have questions?

We are really excited to share this time and space with you and happy to talk more about any questions you may have.


If you are still wondering if this is the right move for you, please reach out!

Love & Aloha 😘,

Antonia & Anela 

Mahalo, we will get back to you within 2 biz days!

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